Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 More Weeks of Decadence

Okay, so I know that so far I have only posted cookie recipes, but I would just like to say one quick thing about that now -- I am going to take advantage of these last 2 weeks of the year and continue to make delicious, decadent meals and desserts that I most likely will not be making for the rest of the year.  I feel like I try hard to eat healthy and clean all year long, and I really want to enjoy these last couple of weeks, eating sweets and buttery delicious foods, before going back to my stricter way of eating after the New Year.  Now, I don't plan on going overboard and eating cupcakes three times a day, but I am going to take this opportunity to make a few dishes that have always looked appealing, but I have never really had reason to make.  With Christmas just around the corner and a few parties left for us to go to this year, I want to have a little fun and play around with some more decadent dishes.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm not a boring, super strict boiled chicken eater the rest of the year.  I just like to eat healthy, with everything in moderation.  Stay tuned for more deliciousness to come...

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